I’ve spent the last few days posting on my Bookstagram and plotting out my novel, SC. If I’m going to start over again, I’ll make sure it’s the last time I do so, at least to this extent. I’ve tried to make extra sure that each event has a cause and effect, so that one leads to another leads to another in a logical order, but something weird happened when I did that: A happy ending.

I would describe myself as a writer who feels joy when torturing fictional people. It’s one of the things that have remained constant since the start. If anything, my characters will get a bittersweet happily ever after at a cost they won’t like and readers should find it just satisfying enough to be okay with it.

But no, this cause and effect attempt at plotting leads to a strange okay-ness, a resolution where everyone gets what they want. Which is nice and all, sure, but the problem is that I need things to end with a bang in order for everything to be set for the next book.

So that’s where I’m at. I’ve started the beginning now, hoping I’ll figure out how to explode the end before I get to it.