I didn’t write one today because my day was surprisingly filled, but here’s one from university. The assignment was to take two lines from a popular poem called The Snake Poem by Matthew Sweeney and write the rest on my own.

The Snake

Ivy Miller

February 4, 2014


He posted her a snake, instructed not to bite her.

It came in a long cardboard tube, pricked all over.

The postman was nervous as he carried it around.

Finally, the parcel arrived across town.

She didn’t open it immediately.

Instead, she treated it suspiciously.

She wasn’t stupid! She could hear the poor thing!

She wondered why he sent it. She’d been expecting a ring.

Carefully, with gloves, she opened the parcel.

The snake didn’t come out, thought it too much a hassle.

With concern for herself, (and the snake a bit, too),

She waited, ‘till out came the snake–and a note! “I love you.”

And on the end of it’s tail, a diamond ring sparkled.

“Marry me!” the snake yelled. She fainted, completely startled.



Featured Image from: http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2016/10/tiny-dna-tweaks-made-snakes-legless