Oops, I was supposed to do two yesterday and I ended up being decently busy and totally forgot. So I guess I’ll do two today and two tomorrow.


Soon we’ll have our freedom back

We’ll go to the mountains far away

from the confines of our bedrooms

we’ll hold hands together in the car

I’ll sing along to the radio music

you can join in when it suits you

we’ll celebrate the lack of bad news

and pick up ice cream from a town

on the side of the highway halfway

we’ll laugh and celebrate our lives

and park in a crowded parking lot

emerge into sun and mountain air

we’ll join all the people on the path

and keep going as others turn around

until it’s just us surrounded by trees

we’ll finally hold each other close

and we won’t be careful for once

It’ll be good when it’s all over, but

we’ll go home and wash our hands.